Individual and Partner Yoga Sessions.

60 Minute Private Vinyasa Yoga class catered to your individual need. Each class will include meditation, Vinyasa variation, and Pranayama breathing techniques.

Hatha, Restorative, and Yoga Nidra privates are available upon request.

Baby and Me Sessions.

60 Minute Baby and Me Yoga Session to bond you and Baby. Baby and Me will deepen the connection while allowing for playful interaction. Each class will include yoga poses for you and baby as well as breathing techniques for adult and gentle movement throughout the practice.

Preschool and Children’s Yoga privates are available upon request.



Washington, D.C. Northern Virginia, and Baltimore, M.D.

In studio and at home request session are available.


Private Yoga 60 Minute Session Per Person - $120




“Brittany was super attentive!”

Loved the pace and Brittany was super attentive! The class was very fun and relaxing after a long day.

— M.T.

Individual Yoga Sessions designed for your needs.

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